How did you come to Visions in Contemporary Living?

In 2007, after working with my brother for 10 years at Images in San Diego, I had the desire to open up my own furniture store. Orange County was the right demographics for moving forward. I wanted an area that would appreciate the contemporary nature of my store. I only carry high quality, 100% Leather products on my floor. We are gallery dealers for IMG Comfort (Recliners/Theatre Seating from Norway), Elite Modern, Star International, and Kelvin Giormani. 

My passion for furniture began over 45 years ago when I started working in my family’s furniture business.  I enjoy the interaction with people to help them create the contemporary environment that they want to live in, and or work in.   The clean lines, the small scale, and the use of colors that can be used in different furniture design, sculptures, and wall art.   

My motto is Color, Style and Energy. What I mean by that is that some stores do a little bit here and there with color and energy, for us we excel in it. Many people that come in our store are in Awe with the design and the look. I can honestly say that there is no one in Orange County that does what we do in totality.  I’ve had some customers share with me that the wall art and accessories I carry, along with the unique furnishings reminds them of an art gallery.   

Some high-end contemporary styling represents a beautiful design, though is not functional or comfortable. I’m real big on comfort and functionality. I believe that the furniture you choose for your home or office should have both!  

Every customer’s needs are different when it comes to creating a colorful environment for their home, Each company that we use has a large selection of leathers, a variety of fabrics and custom colors to choose from so it makes our job easy and fun to support the needs of our customer.   Because every customer’s need are different, adding custom pieces to a home gives a personal touch, that everyone can enjoy.     

I have found some of the best US manufacturers of unique designs in metal and glass that give our store a different look. I look for a unique design that has the “wow” factor, that stands out, compliments the colors and design that I already carry. I carry a lot of options for leather selections, along with multiple selections of upholstery to include many varieties color. I will always continue to add to our bar stools, dining, and coffee table collections which consists of stainless steel and glass. The store is forever evolving, we get new, unique items all the time.    

We offer sleek designs, small scale, color, use of glass, stainless steel, chrome, infinity lighting, etc.    

One of the things that sets my store apart from other stores is the unique items that we carry. I specifically look for things that have the Wow factor to give my store the look and effect that it has.